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Capt Bass

OC SST 42 Engr Regt (GEO)

Great presentation on the use of drones to capture engineering data in a military environment and data analysis.

Maj Fry


Maj Fry looks at how collaboration within a project and use 3d design and scanning technology can allow reach back easily to UK units when operations.

WO2 Egan

QMSI Construction 36 Engineer Regiment

Presentation looking at the use of low tech to solve 3d engineering problems while reducing time on site conducting measured drawings.

Iain Miskimmin

Digital (BIM) Advisor Crossrail

Presentation looking at how cross rail enabled a 3d realisation to be incorporated into the project and its comparison to the development of military data.

Maj Delaney


Maj Delaney looks at routes for innovation to move from concept to capability. including trails, funding and support staff.

Brig Rowell

Commandant RSME

he commandant gave the opening address looking at innovation and how we should embrace the spark of an idea and support in on its route to success.

If you wish to know any more information about the event please contact the editor.

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